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Work initiated on GI for ball copra

Tumkur: A geographical indication (GI) is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin.

The masses are constantly identifying and using those products that have been tied to a fixed location or thereby defining the quality or features of certain products. The use of such a place name is geographical Location. To avoid misleading the public and to avoid inappropriate competition, WTO members have agreed to the TRIPS Agreement to secure a lasting protection for GIs.
With the addition of Geographical Origin to the specific quality or features of the products,

GI tag has secured a new dimension in the market. There are over 100 registered Geographical Indications in India today, such as agricultural products, textiles and handicrafts. Darjeeling tea is the most common example in India. Champagne wine is a reputed GI globally.

In this regard, it is an urgent task to register our proud product known as ‘Tiptur Copra’ worldwide. So if interested persons, organizations and NGOs devote their time and effort in sharing their Knowledge, Expertise, Experience, documents and technical aspects on the product, they are most welcome.

Come, let us all get together and take a special place in the domestic and foreign markets, avoiding the fake and illegal competition for our Unique Copra made by traditional method of our ancestors.

Please feel free to call or message,
Srikanth 9632904901
State Secretary, Price Monitoring Committee, Tiptur



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